Rehabilitation of Muscle & Body.

Theramax Incredible Robotic Precision Technology, for Incredible Human Therapy.

Robotic Deep tissue massage

Allow your body to heal and bring flexibility back into your life.

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Muscular Flexibility

Increase the range of motion your body needs to perform.


Re-align your body to its proper position for fluid mobility.

Muscular Strengthening

Deep tissue massage and stretch your muscles.

Complete Treatment Rehabilitation

Our goal is to provide a full increase in range of motion, flexibility, muscle strengthening and re align proper joints and body mechanics.


Personal Evaluation

We first perform a evaluation based on your case , symptoms and treatment goals.


Individual Therapy

Our robot is then placed to work on your targeted areas per your individualized treatment plan. Everyone has a different path and rehabilitation goals.


Final Evaluation

Treatment sessions are usually one hour, and an average of 5-10 sessions per patient.


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WE treat a variety of ailments

Robotic therapy center

You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist, let our robot stretch you out.



Sciatica pain radiates along the sciatic nerve pathway, which refers to pain that branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down your legs.


Bulging Disc

Also known as Herniated Discs, is pain stemming from your spinal discs. Symptoms can include tingling or pain in arms, fingers, neck, feet and lower back. As-well as difficulty waking or lifting objects.


Plantar Faciitis

A common pain on the heel for very active people. Typically causing a sharp stabbing pain in the bottom of your foot near the heel.


Carpal Tunnel

Can consist of tingling or numbness in the fingers or hand. Usually a electric shock that travels up the arm especially holding objects.

The RX2600 is the best muscle Therapy I have experienced. The Robotic massage session is extremely soothing. Its really life changing.
Justin Milligan
Miami , Florida
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During your first visit we perform an evaluation of your case with our Doctor ; taking into account your medical history, age, lifestyle, and treatment goal.

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